Auto AC Repair & Heating Services in New Palestine, IN

Auto AC RepairAs our name implies, Auto Air & Heating, Inc is your premier destination for all things involving heating and auto AC repair in New Palestine, Hancock County, Indianapolis, and Sugar Creek Township, IN. Our staff is readily equipped with the knowledge needed to resolve auto heating and air problems quickly, and we’re backed by a shop that’s equipped to handle these problems fast.

Auto Heating and AC Repairs and Service

There are a number of reasons why your auto AC or heating may not be working correctly—anything from a clogged hose to age-related wear could be the culprit. Our experienced techs explore all of the potential possibilities for AC and auto heating repair in New Palestine, IN. We’ll deliver a solution that’s restorative and lasting.

  • Hoses: Hoses with punctures, tears or damaged connections are a prime suspect in auto AC failures. We replace these hoses outright and can built custom AC hoses to fit your vehicle as a direct replacement.
  • Belts: When fan belts deteriorate or break, they need to be replaced to facilitate the function of your AC system. We’ll replace your belt and coordinate the perfect tautness, for a seamless solution to AC repair.
  • Radiators: When your radiator can’t cool your engine, an overheat situation is bound to happen. We provide radiator repair and service to prevent costly heat-related damages to your engine.
  • Coolant: As a licensed expert in Freon, our friendly staff will guarantee the correct type and amount on your vehicle.

No matter if you’re dealing with auto AC inefficiency or a full-on failure of the entire system, we’re here to help. Waste no time in scheduling an appointment with us today!

Do you need auto heating repair and AC work?

Not sure if your vehicle requires the expert oversight of one of our trained professionals? Take a look at some of the symptoms of a system that’s in need of auto AC repair:

  • Weak levels of air being blown into your cabin.
  • Temperatures that are close to exterior air temperatures.
  • Defroster setting takes a long time to activate or doesn’t activate at all.
  • Heating setting blows cold air while the cold air setting blows hot.
  • Strange burning or molding smells that become present after turning the air on.

All of these problems prevent you from experiencing the forced air temperatures you demand while in the car. Let us perform a thorough inspection of your auto HVAC system to pinpoint the cause of the problem and resolve it in its entirety. We can provide you with:

  • Cooling system pressure testing.
  • Interior air vent temperature measurements.
  • Compressor belt inspection and replacement.
  • Inspection and repair for system leaks.
  • Examination and repair of interior blower controls.

We go above and beyond to make sure your auto heating and air are restored to OEM specifications. See for yourself the level of quality and dedication we put into our work—schedule an appointment for auto heating repair and auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN by contacting us at 317-861-4898. We’re also available for general maintenance, electrical repair, and more.