What to Do if Your Car’s Heater Stops Working in the Winter

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Heating your car in the winter in New Palestine, IN is an essential part of your transportation. So, what should you do if the heater stops working? Do you simply have to endure chilly commutes and frigid trips to the grocery store until spring arrives?

Since that’s not an ideal solution, try the following tips instead. These simple maintenance checks can help identify the problem and get your heater up and running again:

  • Check the coolant: When you’re thinking about the heater, it may seem counter-intuitive to consider the coolant. However, your car actually uses coolant to cool the engine, and there must be enough coolant to keep the engine itself cool, so the heater can work properly. If your heater is no longer blowing warm air, you may need to add to or replace the vehicle’s coolant.
  • Watch for heater core issues: If the coolant level is fine, but your heater still isn’t working, the heater core may have an issue. This component carries the coolant in and out of the other engine parts. If there is an issue with the heater core, you will probably experience one or more of the following issues: interior fogging, sweet-smelling odor, overheated engine and overuse of coolant.
  • Adjust the controls: The heater controls of your vehicle may become dysfunctional over time. Due to built-up debris or wear and tear, these control buttons may get stuck in a position that does not allow warm air to blow into your car. This includes the heater control valve that is located under the hood.
  • Replace the thermostat: Once your car has warmed up, check to see if the thermostat gauge still reads “C.” If so, the thermostat may be broken, which will make heating your car in the winter in New Palestine, IN difficult. Fortunately, replacing a thermostat is a fairly simple and affordable repair. Simply contact your local technician to get a new thermostat installed.
  • Look for leaks: Your car may leak water in one of several places. Check the water pump, hoses and radiator to see if any moisture is escaping your vehicle. If there is a water leak, your heater may not function properly. The leak can affect its performance, and the moisture can cause damage to other components.
  • Consult a professional: Of course, the most effective way to fix your car’s heater in the winter in New Palestine, IN is to contact an experienced technician. This professional can quickly and efficiently evaluate the issue and determine the cause, then make the necessary repair.

Stay warm this winter

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