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Why You Shouldn’t Drive With Bad Shocks or Struts

January 20, 2023 12:00 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

There is a lot that goes into keeping your vehicle in great shape. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle or retain the resale value, it is important to keep up on maintenance. One big mistake drivers make is to continue driving knowing that the shocks are bad or going out on the vehicle. When shocks and struts start going out on a vehicle, it can have some serious negative consequences. This quick guide will answer the following questions: Why you should never drive with bad shocks or struts? What happens if I drive on bad shocks or struts? What happens if you don’t replace shocks & struts? Let’s dive in. What Are Shocks and Struts? It’s... View Article

Signs Of Worn Shocks

May 26, 2022 3:23 pm | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Are you searching online desperately for “signs my shocks are going bad”? Driving with worn shocks or struts can cause more than just a bad ride. There are other safety implications that you must consider. For example, many drivers fail to realize that driving with bad shocks or struts can increase your stopping distances, especially when the roads are slippery or wet. It isn’t always easy to recognize when it is time to replace your shocks or struts. There are signs you should watch out for. Read on to find out more. Signs of Bad Shocks Shocks and struts help to keep your vehicle’s movements stabilized. They also enhance the control of your driving when you brake, turn, accelerate, or... View Article