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What Is An OBD Scanner?

March 15, 2023 6:36 pm | Published by | Leave your thoughts

  What Is An OBD Scanner? An OBD Scanner is a device that connects to the OBD port on your car and reads error codes stored there. These error codes are a result of problems with the vehicle’s electronic systems, like the engine. They are used by mechanics to diagnose trouble and to find out what is wrong with your car. They can be simple code readers or more advanced scan tools that can access a much larger set of systems in your car and perform sophisticated diagnostics. Why Use An OBD Scanner? In the modern world, it’s essential to understand how your car’s computer works in order to maintain and repair it. Unless you’re a professional mechanic, it can... View Article

5 Vehicle Noises You Should Never Ignore

December 27, 2022 12:00 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Caring for your car doesn’t mean you need to know how to repair it on your own. However, it does mean that you must know when to get it to the mechanic to keep it running and running well — especially when it comes to emergencies, like sudden and unexpected noises. Luckily, cars make some sounds that are easy to recognize. So keep reading to learn about common serious car noises to pay attention to and get checked out right away. 5 Car Noises To Never Ignore Believe it or not, some people believe that cars just make noise. They think that sounds are just part of an automobile’s natural wear and tear.  The truth is that car sounds could... View Article

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather

November 4, 2022 12:00 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

With winter being right around the corner, making sure your car is prepared should be a top priority. With winter comes snow, ice, and much more which can make driving on the road dangerous. But, there are many things you can do to make sure both you and your car are prepared this coming season to make driving in it a lot safer. How To Prepare Your Car for Winter Here are some tips for prepping car for snow: Oil change – Make sure that you give your car a fresh oil change prior to winter and have the mechanic check for the other fluid levels in your vehicle. Battery – Car batteries and cold winters don’t mix well. That is because the cold... View Article

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Car’s Oil Change Warning Light

September 30, 2022 12:00 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Even with increased sophistication in vehicles, motor engine oil remains the lifeblood of your car, and taking care of this liquid is vital. Luckily, caring for motor oil is a simple task — and your vehicle’s onboard computer can assist.  Most modern vehicles have an in-built service that gives not only a low oil warning but also signals when you need to change your car’s oil. Nonetheless, checking your vehicle’s oil yourself every other fill-up is crucial. This may appear inessential, but it is important, to check for anything else that might cause problems, such as loose parts or a worn belt. Why is my car overheating?  Motor oil assists in controlling the temperature of your vehicle’s engine by reducing... View Article

How Often Should I Take My Car to the Auto Shop?

March 26, 2022 12:00 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Don’t wait to take your vehicle into a repair shop until there is a problem. Instead, performing routine maintenance is the best way to prevent costly issues and ensure years and many miles of trouble-free driving. Your owner’s manual offers robust and descriptive information on what repair is needed and at what mileage. For example, most automakers recommend that your oil be changed every 5,000 to 10,000 miles depending on the vehicle’s make and model. However, it’s important to remember that these figures are only a guide, and observing your vehicle for odd sounds, weird vibrations, musty smells, leaks, and anything else that is out of the ordinary is a must. Keep reading to learn more information on when your... View Article