February 24, 2022

February 5, 2022

"About 2 months ago I purchased a set of tires. I was happy with the price and service! 3 days ago I found a piece of wire in my tire when I arrived to work. After work I took my car back to have the tire repaired. It appears the wire was just in the tread of the tire with no air leaking, they handed me my keys and told me that it was fine and to have a good day. This made me a happy customer and I will return repeatedly."
July 29, 2020

Air Conditioner

"I need to update the review I just did. It was Larry I worked with not Randy. LOL Sorry Larry!! "
July 29, 2020

Air Conditioning

"Randy was wonderful! I took my vehicle to a dealership and long story short they charged me $110 to diagnose and gave me a $1600 quote for repairs. I called Auto Air and Randy gave me a full understanding of things and how it worked. I took it in and was informed that NOTHING the dealership said needed replaced, needed anything done to it. A totally different part was needed for the repair and they saved me over $1000.00!!! They have earned a life long customer for sure! And my air works great!! Thank you Randy and Auto Air! By the way, I have never given a review in my life but thought if I ever did, this would be the time!!"
February 3, 2020

"Auto Heating and Air has always exceeded my expectations. I have used them for several major repairs on my old truck and they did an awesome job. I quit even considering taking it any place else. Great local company to work with. "