Add Freon to Your Vehicle with Help from a Mechanic in New Palestine, IN

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As the summer forecast keeps heating up, take the proper steps to keep your ride cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. In order to maintain the efficiency and function of your air conditioning system, you will need to add Freon to your vehicle. Freon is a cooling agent that is essential for the operation of the air conditioning units in most vehicles. You can pick up Freon at most automotive shops and stores that carry maintenance materials and, with the proper knowledge, you can even add Freon to your vehicle on your own. If you need help with the maintenance of your air conditioning system, you can always get help from a mechanic in New Palestine, IN who will be able to assist you.

Here’s a closer look at the process of adding Freon to your system:

  • Understand your vehicle’s Freon system: Each vehicle has specific needs when it comes to Freon. The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with your car’s air conditioning system and Freon needs. Once you know what kind of Freon your car needs, you will be able to purchase the correct type and ensure that you are giving your car the specific service that it requires.
  • Prepare the hose and the can: Once you have the type of Freon that you need, it’s time to connect the hose that you will be using to the can of Freon. Installing the hose is relatively straightforward—you simply screw the pin into the corresponding opening on the Freon can. When the pin is screwed into the can, it creates a seal that prevents the hose from detaching until the bottle of Freon is empty. From this point on, it is important that you make sure that the can is always in an upright position to prevent potential leaks.
  • Hook up the Freon: Now that you have prepped your can and your hose, you will locate the port cap for your vehicle’s air conditioning system and attach the hose to the port. By loosening the fitting on the hose, you can vent the line. Once this is done, you will tighten the fitting again and start the car, placing your air conditioner on its high setting.
  • Charge the system: With your air conditioner on high, you can now turn the tap of the Freon can three or four times to begin the flow of Freon into your vehicle. As the system charges, you will notice the air getting colder, and eventually the system will begin to sweat. This sweating is a sign that you have added the right amount of Freon. Be careful not to overcharge the system, which can cause damage.

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