Four Signs That You Need Auto AC Repair in New Palestine, IN

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The sun is finally starting to come out again, and that can only mean summer is right around the corner! While many will agree that summer is a much better season than winter, the summer heat can be uncomfortable and even deadly. This is especially true if your vehicle doesn’t have a properly functioning air conditioner. Thankfully, there are signs that your vehicle’s AC is about to bite the dust. Auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN will be both cheaper and easier to take care of if you bring your vehicle in as soon as you notice any of the following signs:

  • Weak or no airflow: The number one sign that your air conditioner needs to be fixed is if you crank the AC knob and either don’t feel any air, or notice extremely weak airflow. Bring your vehicle in as soon as you notice this issue. It may be a sign that your fan is broken. The longer you wait to repair a broken fan, the worse the problem will become.
  • Warm air: It’s nice if you have some type of air blowing out of your vents, as it means that your fan isn’t broken. On the other hand, it’s not comfortable if the air is completely warm, or not as cool as you want it to be. This can be caused by a problem with your Freon level, or an issue with the lines that carry Freon. Those can be fairly simple fixes. It could also be caused by more serious issues like a broken compressor or evaporator. Our professionals are the only people who will be able to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Air starts cool, but then warms up: Turning on the AC and getting some cold air is one of the best feelings that a car owner can experience. That joy will be short-lived if your cool air slowly turns from cold to hot. That scenario isn’t only uncomfortable—it’s also a sign that you need to bring your vehicle into our shop for auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN. The sooner you bring your car in, the easier the repair job will be. An easier repair saves you money, and will get you back on the road sooner.
  • Foul odor: Having cool air is obviously great—unless the air coming from your vents smells terrible! A bad smell can be caused by a dirty filter, which is a quick fix for our mechanics. A bad smell can also be the result of mold or mildew growth somewhere in your AC system. Bring your vehicle in as soon as you start to notice a bad smell. Even though a dirty filter is easy to fix, it can eventually impede your AC’s performance if left unaddressed. Similarly, mold somewhere in your system can clog a line, or break another part of your system.

Don’t get caught without a working air conditioner this summer. Give Auto Air & Heating, Inc. a call today to schedule auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN.

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