How Hot Can It Get Inside a Vehicle During the Summer?

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When travelling with pets or children, it can be extremely tempting to leave them inside your vehicle while you run a brief errand. This potentially deadly mistake is made by far too many dog owners and parents alike who simply don’t comprehend how rapidly the interior of a vehicle can heat up.

Believe it or not, a parked car is typically one of the hottest places that most people will visit throughout the entire duration of their lives. If it’s just 90 degrees outside, the interior of your vehicle can climb to a scorching 124 degrees in less than 30 minutes!

Moving greenhouses

Why is it that the inside of a vehicle can become quite so scorching? There are several contributing factors that cause car temperatures to rapidly rise.

Firstly, it is their tight envelope and enclosed nature. Cars are made, first and foremost, to be aerodynamic. This means that there is little to no ventilation, as this would create air resistance. Also, there is a relatively small amount of air inside the vehicle’s cab, which means that it can become superheated at an alarming rate.

The metal and glass construction allows solar rays to be rapidly absorbed by the vehicle, and offers little chance for it to be radiated out. Depending on where your vehicle is parked, its paint color and other ambient conditions, it may get even hotter than you expect.

Having a functional AC unit is essential to overcome this tremendous amount of heat. If your vehicle’s air conditioning is not working properly, you can be susceptible to heat stroke and distracted driving. It’s a good idea to have your AC examined by mechanics in New Palestine, IN before you experience any issues so that you do not leave yourself or your passengers vulnerable to uncomfortable driving conditions.

Cracking the windows

Unfortunately, many people think that leaving the windows of their vehicle slightly ajar will keep it cool enough for their dogs or children to survive. The sad reality is that slightly open windows provide nowhere near the amount of ventilation necessary to stop the cab of your car from rapidly heating.

Some states and jurisdictions, however, have passed “Good Samaritan” laws that make it legal for law enforcement officers or even civilians to shatter your window if a pet or child has been left inside of your car. It’s far better to take your child or pet with you rather than suffering a broken window, or an injured animal or youngster!

Even when driving with the windows open, solar rays can still heat the interior of your car to dangerous levels without a proper air conditioning system.

Despite the heat associated with the inside of your car, mechanics in New Palestine, IN can help you make the most of your air conditioning unit so that your commute is cool and comfortable. Auto Air & Heating, Inc. is one of the premier car mechanics in New Palestine, IN. Reach out to us today to learn about the best ways to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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