Reasons Why Car Brakes in New Palestine, IN Need Regular Service and Inspections

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Owning a car, truck, SUV or another type of road vehicle is a big responsibility. Yes, you have to change the oil every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, check the tire pressure from time to time and get the tires rotated to ensure even tread wear, but preventative car maintenance does not end there. For instance, brakes are one of your vehicle’s most vital parts. For this reason, you need to schedule regular brake inspections and service to catch problems when they are small to avoid expensive repairs and quell any safety concerns.

As a part of basic vehicle maintenance, you need to check all the components that make up the braking system. For safety’s sake, hire a mechanic to perform routine brake inspections, because a professional can tell if a brake malfunction is likely to happen. Having well-maintained brakes can be the difference between a safe drive and being involved in an auto accident. Here are some good reasons why vehicle brakes in New Palestine, IN need regular service and inspections:

  • Replace worn brake pads: Worn brake pads may not seem like a big deal. All you need to do is replace them, right? Yes, they will need to be replaced, but ignoring the problem for too long can cause damage to other car components. Deteriorated pads expose the calipers, leaving them to rub against a metal indicator, which means the brakes squeak and squeal. When the pads wear down completely, the calipers grind into the rotors.
  • Avoid damaged rotors: As mentioned above, once brake pads are worn down to the point of no return, they can grind into the rotors. If the pad problem is not dealt with quickly, then they can cause the rotors to warp and crack. Rotors with this type of damage can impact your ability to stop suddenly or bring your vehicle to a full stop. Regular brake inspections and service can catch a problem, and thus keep you safe.
  • Replenish brake fluid: Brake fluid and brake pressure go hand in hand. In other words, if the brake fluid is low, then brake pressure will be reduced. You won’t have the right amount of pressure to brake properly, which many drivers don’t find out until they try slamming on the brakes. Regular brake inspections will include checking the brake fluid level.
  • Prevent water buildup: Did you know that water can build up over time in your car’s brake fluid? This is an especially big problem for vehicles in damp environments, or areas that get an excessive amount of seasonal rainfall. It leads to leaks, corrosion and brake damage, and can even cause braking systems to fail completely.

Since the brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle, it’s crucial that you get your braking system serviced regularly, or whenever you suspect a problem. At Auto Air & Heating, Inc., we offer a host of brake services, including replacing worn pads and shoes, resurfacing rotors and flushing brake lines. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle’s brakes in New Palestine, IN!

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