Ask a Mechanic in New Palestine, IN: Why Are Alignments Important in Auto Repair?

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Any driver knows just how easy it is to accidentally throw a car out of alignment. Bouncing over a pothole, flying over a speed bump or toppling over a curb can all wreak havoc on the suspension. Just driving home after work or dropping the kids off at school can put your vehicle’s suspension and steering components at risk. The wheels are no longer pointing in the correct direction when they are out of alignment, which can put both you and other drivers on the road in danger. Over time, a small misalignment can cause uneven wear on the tires. Other effects will be felt everywhere from the steering wheel to the durability of the tires.

Vehicle alignments play a crucial role in ensuring your car performs smoothly. In fact, your mechanic in New Palestine, IN should include them in your regular car maintenance routine, just like oil changes or checking the amount of air in the tires. Here are three reasons why vehicle alignments are so important:

  • Safety: Misaligned wheels can cause the car to pull more to the right or left without your control. This undermines the control and handling of the driver and can result in a serious crash.
  • Tire life: Improper alignment can do some serious damage to your tires. The skewed suspension system can cause uneven wear on the tires. Drivers will then be left with no choice but to replace tires prematurely due to the irregular usage. Having the car aligned regularly will actually save money, as you’ll be able to get the most miles out of your tires.
  • Comfort: Not only are properly aligned wheels safer, but they’re also much more comfortable for driving. This means no more shimmying after hitting a bump or overcompensating to pull the car back to the center instead of shifting to one side.

Signs it’s time for a tire alignment

The following signs indicate it’s time for a tire alignment:

  • Car pulls to one side when driving straight
  • The steering wheel won’t line up straight
  • Front tires show uneven wear when compared to the back
  • The steering wheel seems to shimmy after hitting a bump

A certified technician can complete an alignment in no time. Most mechanics in New Palestine, IN recommend having the tires aligned every other oil change, or approximately every 6,000 miles. The likelihood of damage occurring increases drastically with the amount of time between alignments. Putting it off too long could result in irreversible damage to the suspension. It’s best to leave this important maintenance task to the professionals, as it requires specialized equipment to meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

It’s crucial that you have your wheels aligned regularly or whenever you suspect you have a problem. At Auto Air & Heating, Inc., we offer a host of automotive services, including alignments, brake repair and other preventative maintenance to keep your car on the road for years to come. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a mechanic in New Palestine, IN!

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