What Is Front End Repair in New Palestine, IN?

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Picture this: you’re driving along, and you start to slow down for a red light when, all of a sudden, you hit a patch of black ice. The next thing you know, you smash into the bumper of the vehicle in front of you. This type of scenario happens every winter day across the nation. More often than not, these accidents will require front end repair in New Palestine, IN. But believe it or not, your car may need front end repair even if you haven’t been involved in an accident. Keep reading to find out if you need to bring your car in to us for a fix:

  • Inspection: Just like with most repairs, the first step in front end repair is a thorough inspection. During this inspection, one of our trained mechanics will pore over every aspect of your car that appears to be worn. Some of these things include your condenser, air conditioner, evaporator, nuts and bolts, tires, struts and shocks.
  • Repair or replacement: We get the real work started as soon as we’ve determined what all is worn out and damaged. Some components of your front end can be repaired by one of our professionals, but more often than not, parts of your front end will need to be replaced. While it may seem more expensive, having a part replaced should help you sleep better at night. You won’t have to worry about a brand-new part breaking anytime soon.
  • Fine tuning: Going over the car with a fine-toothed comb (so to speak) is the last step involved in front end repair in New Palestine, IN. Our professionals will put your car up on the lift to double check your alignment and make sure all of the new parts are secure. This final inspection is the real reason why you want your front end repair handled by a pro. You can trust that we won’t miss any small details that may cause your car to run worse than it originally did.

How do you know you need front end repair?

Here are three signs to watch out for that indicate a likely need for front end repair:

  • Your front bumper is smashed: As mentioned above, a smashed up front end will surely need to be repaired by a professional. There’s very little chance that vital components of your car haven’t been damaged when you’ve been involved in a collision. Be sure to bring your car in as soon as possible for an inspection!
  • Alignment is off: If your car is pulling to one side or the other, or if it’s hard to turn the wheels, you probably need to have your alignment adjusted. A misaligned car will have greater wear and tear on the tires, and makes driving more difficult.
  • Bumps in the road are more noticeable: Does it seem like you can feel every little pebble you drive over on the road? If so, you know how annoying that can be. This is probably an issue with your suspension, which will necessitate a trip to a car mechanic for front end repair. We can inspect your car and have you back out on the road in no time at all.

Just because you haven’t been in an accident doesn’t mean your car may not need front end repair in New Palestine, IN! Bring your vehicle to Auto Air & Heating, Inc. if you have any suspicion of an issue. The faster we address the problem, the less expensive and involved the repairs are likely to be!

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