Roads Are Bad! Visit a Mechanic for a Tire Alignment Soon

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There are plenty of bad roads out there—and you know this because you drive over jarring bumps and dips on your everyday commute. Potholes can damage your vehicle, causing problems like mechanical issues, body damage and tire and wheel misalignment. Luckily, there are certain types of auto maintenance that can keep your car healthy and maneuvering safely over the roadways. All you need to do is take care while driving, and schedule an appointment with your trusted mechanic in New Palestine, IN to get a regular car inspection and tire alignment.

Cars hitting potholes

A lot of roads in the United States are rough, to say the least. But as tough and durable as your car may be, the fact is that bad roads can take a toll on automobile components like the suspension and steering. Most distinguishable of all the different types of road problems are potholes.

Potholes are born of small holes and cracks in the surface of the road after moisture has seeped in. As the temperatures fluctuate, the moisture now inside cracks and holes will expand and contract due to freezing and thawing over and over. This action breaks up the pavement, leaving road surfaces vulnerable to the weight of passing cars. Soon chunks of pavement come out, and then, boom—potholes!

Avoiding potholes and vehicle damage

Here’s how you can minimize damage from potholes:

  • Check your tires: Tires are a cushion between the entire car and nasty potholes. For this reason, check that the tires have adequate tread and are inflated to the proper level.
  • Watch out for puddles: That rain puddle you’re coming up on may look small, but it could be deep. It’s best to assume the water is hiding a pothole and pay heed when driving through puddles.
  • Look ahead: Just like you scan traffic all around you, you also want to look at the road ahead for potholes. If you are alert and focused, you’ve got a better chance at avoiding potholes.
  • Take it slow: You can’t avoid every pothole, but you may be able to slow down safely and hit it at a slower speed, which can lessen the damage to wheels, tires and the suspension.
  • Inspect your suspension: Your car’s shock absorbers and struts must always be in good condition. You can tell struts and shocks are bad and that you need to inspect your suspension by noting changes in how your vehicle handles, observing uneven tire wear and noticing excessive vibration. If you suspect a problem, take your vehicle to a certified auto shop.
  • Check the alignment: Hitting a pothole of any size can knock wheels out of alignment, affecting the steering and other vehicle behaviors and components. If you notice your car pulling more noticeably to the left or right, you should have the wheel alignment checked.

It can take just one time hitting a pothole to wreck your alignment, or it can happen over time after repeated encounters with potholes. Think you may have pothole damage? Contact a mechanic in New Palestine, IN at Auto Air & Heating, Inc. about getting a suspension check and tire alignment today!

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