Auto AC Repair in New Palestine, IN: Troubleshooting the “Black Death”

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Auto air conditioning and auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN can get expensive—especially if the problem is with airflow, a problem also known as the “black death.” Obvious issues with airflow can be identified by airflow that has become weak, warm or non-existent. The good news is that, if it’s caught early on, your auto repair shop can help prevent the black death. But what is the black death? What causes it, and how can car owners avoid it?

What is the black death?

This is a term used when the refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning system breaks down. Refrigerant is important because it’s used as a lubricant for the engine. When the refrigerant goes, black death turns its sights on the compressor first. Once it wears down the compressor, nasty particles find a way through the system in search of the air conditioner. You know that constant weak airflow you were experiencing earlier? This will stop only to be replaced with the black death completely breaking down the system. Soon, the air conditioner will stop working altogether.

Black death got its name from the color of the grime that adheres to the system components. This filthy coating on the metals of the components cannot be removed by flushing, but a vehicle AC system that’s properly maintained is likely to have an original compressor that can last for years; in fact, it may never even need to be replaced. Unfortunately, if your car gets hit with the black death, the air conditioning unit must be exchanged.

Car air conditioning tips and troubleshooting

You’re bound to notice when your car’s AC malfunctions. You will notice the air blowing in is warm or not blowing at all, and that the inside of your vehicle is hot and humid, and therefore uncomfortable. Regular checkups can prevent Freon leaks and ensure the refrigerant hasn’t broken down or is not in the process of breaking down, which could lead to black death. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Tip 1: Use an efficient method to check for leaks. You can use a leak detector like fluorescent tracer dyes; these can be found in an auto parts store. If this reveals that the refrigerant has broken down, change it immediately. However, if the refrigerant is not the problem, move on to checking the compressor. Is the compressor clutch turning?
  • Tip 2: Another thing that can affect the performance of your car’s air conditioning system is heat radiation from the engine. To avoid this, make sure to secure the AC cold pipe in insulation. Visit your local auto parts store to ensure you get the right type of insulation.

Have you deduced that your auto AC malfunction is not due to the refrigerant or the compressor? If so, make sure to check other components that could be the cause of the issue, like the condenser, hoses, coils, fan belt or switches.

With proper care and maintenance, your vehicle’s air conditioning system can last a long time. But should you ever need auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Auto Air & Heating, Inc.

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