Five Signs Your Alternator Is Going Bad

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The alternator is a vital piece of your car’s machinery. It takes the power that the car has just used and redistributes it efficiently, making everything work from the engine to the dashboard lights. A car needs a ton of energy to function properly, and the alternator plays a critical role in supplying that energy.

So, when your alternator goes bad, you’re going to need high-quality auto repair service in New Palestine, IN. The last thing you want is to get in your car and find that it just won’t start—which is exactly what will happen if your alternator goes kaput. Let’s look at some signs that will help you anticipate your alternator going bad and ensure you’re able to visit a mechanic in time to make the necessary repairs:

  • Battery problems: Does your car have trouble starting? It might be a battery that’s almost dead. But once you’ve had the battery replaced, then everything should be back to normal. If it isn’t, this is likely a sign of a faulty alternator.
  • Weird sounds: Electrical currents flow through the alternator usually with little to no sound. But faulty bearings can cause a grinding noise that will stand out. If you hear this, it might be time to look into replacing the alternator.
  • Dimming lights: Do your car’s lights look a bit less bright than before? Because the alternator plays a role in powering everything from dashboard indicators to headlights, weak or dim lights could be a sign that it’s about to go. It could also mean that your battery is nearing the end of its lifetime.
  • Warning lights: Some cars now have helpful warning lights letting you know that the alternator isn’t functioning properly. This will likely appear as ALT (alternator) or GEN (generator) on the dashboard. However, this light may not always pop up, so it’s good to watch for these other indicators as well.
  • Strange smells: A weird odor in your car is never a good thing, right? The alternator is connected to a series of pulleys. When the alternator’s output is bad, then there may be excessive friction with these pulleys, resulting in an unpleasant smell. If you tighten the belt and the problem isn’t solved, then it’s time to bring in the professionals.

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