How Do You Know When Your AC Needs a Recharge?

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There are few things more miserable than having your air conditioning die in the middle of summer. Your AC depends on pressurized refrigerant and when the pressure drops too low, you will start noticing decreased cooling capacity. Acting quickly when you notice this will keep your car cool and prevent more expensive repairs from being needed. Ordering a recharge with your auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN can restore cooling power during the summer. Here are three signs that it is time for an AC recharge:

  • Signs of leaks: Refrigerant leaks are the most serious signs that an AC recharge is in your near future. It is normal to see water vapor under your vehicle after running your AC, but if that is coolant instead, you likely have a problem. Also, you need to check to see if there is a greasy film on the AC components or fittings, as that is another sign you are losing refrigerant. We first need to address the cause of the leak, but once that is accomplished, we move on to recharging your AC.
  • No clutch engagement: The clutch we discuss here is the AC clutch, which creates the clicking sound that occurs before your air conditioning system engages. It also creates the pressure needed to allow coolant to flow through your AC system and cool your car. If your system is not blowing cool air and you never hear the click, there is a change that the pressure level is too low to engage the system and the clutch. Without this essential step, your AC will likely not feel cool (if it engages at all). Take your car in for AC service if you notice this issue and you can likely pursue the recharge without spending additional money on repairs.
  • Low cooling capacity: In general, low cooling capacity is the primary sign you need an AC recharge. If you find that your AC consistently underperforms, it is likely time to arrange for service. Customers expect some struggle on the hottest days, but when days are mild and the car still feels like a sauna, then there is likely a problem. This is often a sign of low refrigerant, so a recharge can top off the fluid and restore cooling power. Blower motors may also be compromised and could need replacement. The only way to know for sure is to have your system inspected by a professional.

Right now, Auto Air & Heating, Inc. is offering a free heating and AC inspection. If you notice any of these signs or you find your AC just does not keep up with hot outdoor temperatures, take advantage of this free offer! You can learn if you require a recharge or if it is time for your AC to undergo more substantial repairs.

If your car shows all the signs of needing auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN, Auto Air & Heating, Inc. is here to keep you cool. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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