Common AC Compressor Problems

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The AC compressor is the main component in your vehicle’s cooling system. If it breaks down, you will not have much in the way of cooling and may face expensive repairs. You can avoid this scenario by staying current on general maintenance in New Palestine, IN with help from your auto mechanic. Here are common problems with compressors that demand attention if you want to avoid overheating in your car this summer:

  • “Black Death”: As you can guess by the name, this is a full AC compressor failure. It occurs when refrigerant breaks down and no longer lubricates the insides of your cooling system. Rather than support clean functioning, it will wear and corrode your coolant lines and wreak havoc on your entire system. After a while, nothing will run, and those sweltering summer days will be felt intensely as you run errands and drive home from work. An AC recharge is the best way to avoid Black Death and keep your compressor running well. Also, you need to recognize the early signs that your compressor is struggling so you can address the issue before it fails completely.
  • Warm AC: If you notice that your AC is not as cold as it used to be, bring in your vehicle soon. Letting it wait may result in an expensive repair later. Leaks, clogged hoses, mold and mildew can lead to your AC blowing warm air, but that is also the sign of a failing compressor. And besides, the last thing you want on a hot summer day is more warm air being blown your way! When you notice diminished cooling capacity or it disappears entirely, see us as soon as possible so you swelter less this summer.
  • Leaks: Refrigerant or air leaks can affect your compressor. Your compressor runs most efficiently if you have a “closed” system that is airtight and creates pressure. Once there are leaks, your system is open and it becomes impossible to produce the pressure needed to maintain consistent cooling. This can be hard on your compressor, and will eventually damage it. It also leads to coolant leaks and other issues that affect cooling. Regular AC maintenance can detect leaks before they are able to compromise your system.
  • Contamination: Mold and mildew make your vehicle air smell stale, and they can create a dangerous environment for asthma and allergy sufferers. It can also cause your compressor to fail. As covered above during the discussion of Black Death, compressors do not perform well with debris and contamination. Mold and mildew, along with other corrosive elements, can become the end of your AC system and cause expensive repairs. Treat these conditions as you would any other contaminants. If you notice stale smells or new allergy symptoms after driving, visit a mechanic to have your system checked.

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