Is it Time to Visit Your Auto Mechanic in New Palestine, IN for a Wheel Alignment?

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How do you know when you need your wheel alignment checked out? Here are some of the most important things your mechanic in New Palestine, IN wants you to know about your vehicle’s alignment.

Alignment basics

When your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, a certified mechanic will adjust the vehicles suspension components to position the wheels and tires where they need to be. This means bringing them to specific angles to ensure the best vehicle performance, vehicle handling and tire wear. The cost of your vehicle alignment will depend on the condition of the suspension and the shop or mechanic you take it to. Wheel alignments typically take about one hour to complete, but may take longer if your vehicle poses a challenge. Use a drop-off service or schedule an appointment in advance—call your chosen shop for specifics.

Tire wear and misalignment

You might be wondering if tire wear can cause wheel misalignment. Actually, it’s the reverse—a vehicle with improper alignment will lead to uneven tire wear in time. This problem is often caught when either the inside or outside of a tire or two starts to show faster wear than the other tires. This is an indication of a possible alignment issue, so check the wear across the width of the tires periodically.

Frequency of alignments

Most vehicles only need an alignment once or twice a year, but that’s under normal driving conditions. Your mechanic may recommend you come in more often if you regularly drive on rough terrain or tend to make frequent contact with curbs or potholes. It’s also good to understand that vehicles don’t have a set length of time for which they remain in good alignment.

Top signs your vehicle is out of alignment

Watch for the following symptoms that indicate your vehicle is likely in need of an alignment:

  • Steering wheel is not centered: When the car is in motion and moving straight ahead, the top section of your steering wheel should not be pointing to the left or right of center.
  • Steering wheel pulling: Along similar lines as the steering wheel being off-center, your alignment could be off if the steering wheel is pulling without steering correction. A vehicle that is pulling left or right with your hands off the steering wheel is a clear sign of an alignment problem.
  • Uneven tire wear: If you notice uneven wear across the width of one or more tires, your vehicle might be out of alignment. Check the inside and outside of the tires for unusual wear. Keep in mind that uneven tire wear can happen to just one tire, two tires or all the tires.
  • Feedback while driving: Another sign your vehicle is out of alignment is when you experience the steering wheel pulsing feedback and shaking. This may also be felt through the chassis, which comes up through the seat. This type of feedback will occur in all types of road conditions and road imperfections.

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