Get Your Brakes Serviced Before Winter Arrives

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As you get ready for winter, you should spend some time thinking about maintenance you need to perform on your vehicle before the weather gets bad. Something as simple as adding antifreeze will go a long way toward preventing catastrophic damage from occurring to your vehicle. But there are some specific vehicle parts you’ll want to home in on as well, including your brakes.

You might not have noticed any issues with your brakes quite yet, but why wait? Be proactive about checking your brakes and getting brake work in New Palestine, IN—it’s a good idea to make these checks and any necessary repairs before the snow and ice begin to head our way.

Here are just a few reasons why you should get your brakes serviced before winter arrives.

Consider how your brakes could be affected by winter weather

If you’ve noticed your brakes tend to make different noises while wet, you can expect this problem to only grow worse when you’re dealing with both ice and snow. Wet brakes can start to warp and get rusty if the problem is not corrected as soon as possible. Starting off the winter with brand new brake pads is a good way to reduce the impact of these effects on your brakes.

Changing your brakes in the cold is not advisable

You might very well know how to change your own brake pads—this is a process you’ll find easier than expected. Read a couple quick DIY articles or watch a couple videos on YouTube, and you’ll quickly gain all the practical knowledge you need to get it done. You’ll find, however, the job is a lot easier and a lot more comfortable if you do it before the weather gets too cold. You won’t have to spend too much time outside, and you won’t have to navigate around snow and ice stuck to your vehicle.

Brakes that are in good condition will be ready to stop during slippery weather

With winter weather comes slippery conditions through snow and ice. Odds are you’re going to be out on the road before the salters arrive at some point this winter, and if that happens, an old set of brake pads will make it more difficult to stop safely when the weather already makes it difficult. This is the single biggest reason you should get your brake service before the winter weather hits—you want those new brake pads to be ready for you when you need them.

Again, there are plenty of other maintenance tasks you’ll want to take on with your vehicle before the winter hits, but you should absolutely make servicing your brakes one of those jobs.

If you have any questions about what all is entailed with our brake service and why you should prioritize brake service this fall before the weather gets bad, we encourage you to contact the team at Auto Air & Heating, Inc. about brake work in New Palestine, IN. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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