Do Alignment Issues Cause Other Vehicle Problems?

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Correct wheel alignment is absolutely crucial for you to be able to handle your vehicle properly. If the wheels start to come out of alignment, you not only have an increased risk of causing preventable damage to your tires, but it also presents a greater risk of being involved in an accident when you’re out on the road. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you include alignment inspections with your standard vehicle tune-ups and maintenance procedures to ensure you can protect your own safety and the life of your vehicle and its tires.

Here is some information from a mechanic in New Palestine, IN that you should know about poor wheel alignment and the issues it can lead to.


Vehicle tires that are in proper alignment should rotate in a straight line. This makes it easy for a driver to steer their car, as all four wheels are going in the exact same direction. Mistakes while driving such as hitting a curb, unexpectedly hitting something in the road or running over a pothole could cause the wheels to come out of alignment, as could a minor fender bender.

When the wheels are aligned in such a way that they are off center, it becomes more difficult for a driver to steer the vehicle. Some of the most common signs of wheels that have become misaligned include a vehicle that has a weird vibrating sensation while you’re behind the wheel, or a vehicle that tends to veer to either side when attempting to drive in a straight line. Drivers will also have to put more effort into keeping vehicles driving straight when the wheels are out of alignment.

Effects of misalignment

The longer you drive a vehicle that has wheels that are out of alignment, the more likely it is you’ll start to have issues with uneven wear on your tires. If you do not correct the problem quickly, the tires could become ineffective and unsafe for driving due to an excessive amount of uneven wear.

There’s also the potential for misalignment to put a much larger amount of stress on a vehicle’s suspension than it’s designed to handle. This could result in damage to certain components in the suspension system that can be extremely costly to repair. Obviously, you would do well to avoid this from becoming an issue in the first place.

Finally, if you’re driving at high speeds on a highway, you’ll notice much more difficulty in steering if you have wheel alignment issues, which increases the chances you’ll get into an accident. You may notice the car pulling to either side, forcing you to keep a much harder grip on the wheel at all times. The brakes might also be affected, which could increase your stopping time and the potential for an accident.

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