Symptoms of a Blown Blower Motor

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Just about every vehicle that gets operated on a roadway is outfitted with an interior HVAC system that keeps you and your passengers comfortable on your ride. This system is made up from a number of smaller components, including the blower motor, which acts as the main electric motor for the HVAC system that pushes air through all the vents. This motor is controlled by a part called the blower motor resistor and switch, and is capable of working at a variety of speeds to provide different temperatures throughout the cabin.

If you have a blower motor that is no longer functioning properly, you will also be left with a heating and/or cooling system that does not work. Not only will this reduce the comfort level inside your cabin, but it could also prevent some other important systems from working, such as the front or rear window defrosters.

Fortunately, there are signs that clearly indicate when a blower motor is starting to go bad, so you should be able to fix the issue before it becomes a major problem by visiting a mechanic in New Palestine, IN. Here are just a few examples of signs that you could be dealing with a dead or dying blower motor:

  • Weak airflow or pressure from vents: This is the first indicator that you could be having a problem with your vehicle’s blower motor. There’s a decent chance that a blower motor that is starting to reach the end of its useful life will no longer be able to push enough air through the system, or at the correct pressure, to maintain your desired temperatures in the cabin. It could also simply be a sign that the part itself isn’t failing permanently, but simply needs some maintenance performed on it.
  • Fan not working at all speeds: Another sign you could be dealing with a bad blower motor is that the fan in your vehicle only works at certain speed levels. Your typical blower motor is designed to operate at a wide range of different speeds to regulate the temperature of your vehicle in a number of different ways. If you’re not getting air at certain settings, or the motor isn’t providing enough air for certain settings, then the part could be faulty. The problem in this scenario could also come from the blower motor resistor or switch.
  • No air at all: If you’re not getting any air at all coming from your vents, then obviously you have a problem with your blower motor that has progressed to the point where the part is likely to be entirely inoperable. In most cases the part will have to be replaced if the system is to operate correctly again. The cause could have been a burnt-out or short-circuited blower motor.

For more information about how you can identify a blown blower motor and the steps you should take if you believe this to be an issue with your vehicle, contact a skilled mechanic in New Palestine, IN at Auto Air & Heating, Inc. today.

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