What Makes Good Snow Tires in New Palestine, IN?

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It’s sad to say, but winter will be here before we know it. On top of shorter days and frigid temperatures, we’ll soon have to worry about snowy and icy roads on our daily commute. Regardless of how far you have to drive each day or what roads you travel on, you should really consider getting a set of snow tires in New Palestine, IN. This post will teach you what you need to know about what makes snow tires so efficient:

  • Deep tread: Whether you’re talking about regular or snow tires, tread depth is everything when it comes to tires. The deeper the tread, the better “grip” your tire will have on the road. Snow tires have a tread depth of anywhere from 11/32” to 12/32”, while most regular tires start at 10/32”. If you’re thinking about just putting on your snow tires from last year instead of buying new ones, we recommend checking the tread depth first! Experts say that if the tread is lower than 6/32”, your winter tires won’t be effective.
  • Tread design: Snow tires don’t just bring deeper tread to the table—their tread design also allows for superior performance when the road conditions are less-than-perfect. Snow tires have larger grooves between the blocks of tread, and the tread itself is in an irregular, sharp pattern. When a snow tire comes in contact with compact snow, the tread pushes the snow out of the way, allowing the tire to remain in contact with the road. Granted, this won’t help as much when there’s a few feet of snow on the road, but it’s much better than regular tires.
  • Rubber compound: Winter tires have a rubber compound that’s designed to perform best when temperatures are below freezing. Even when the temperature drops, your snow tires in New Palestine, IN will still have plenty of traction. Regular tires, on the other hand, start to lose traction when the temperature drops below 45 degrees or so.
  • Studs: Not all winter tires have metal studs, but the lightweight metal pins on the surface of the tire provide much better grip on the road. Most drivers should be fine with studless winter tires. However, if you often find yourself driving down snow-covered roads, you should definitely consider getting snow tires with studs.

Will all-season tires suffice?

The name “all-season tires” makes it sound like they should be fine in the winter. Unfortunately, that’s typically not the case. All-season tires have a different tread design and rubber compound than the one mentioned above, which makes them less efficient on snowy and icy roads. Since Indiana winters tend to get nasty, we highly recommend swapping out your all-season tires for winter tires in the coming months.

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