A Guide to Important Winter Auto Maintenance in New Palestine, IN

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It’s fall right now, but winter is hiding around the corner, just waiting to pounce on us. Is your car ready to take on the cold winter weather? Below, we’ve compiled a useful guide of important winter auto maintenance in New Palestine, IN that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Get an oil change

The motor oil in your car needs to be changed on a regular schedule to ensure strong engine function. However, it’s especially important to get an oil change before the cold winter months arrive. In addition to changing the oil, you might also need to change the type of oil you use altogether. You can refer to your owner’s manual to find out what viscosity you should be using in cold temperatures, or ask your mechanic for their recommendation during your oil change appointment.

Check the battery

If your car’s battery is low or too cold, you could end up stranded on the side of the road this winter. Cold temperatures make engines work harder, which means the engine will need to pull more current from the battery in order to start up. The first thing to do is test your battery’s charge. This can be done using an at-home voltmeter, or your mechanic can test it in their shop. Or, if your vehicle’s battery has a built-in hydrometer, check it. Inspect the cables for cracks and other damage.

Replace windshield wipers

Winter weather is often very wet. Whether you’re likely to deal with rain, snow or hail, it’s best to prepare for it all. It’s generally a good idea to replace your windshield wipers every six months or so, and you should definitely change them at the start of winter. Another recommendation is to change the washer fluid and antifreeze to solutions made for working well in freezing temperatures.

Test the heater and defroster

A list of winter maintenance tips for New Palestine, IN motorists wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the heater and defroster. Both need to be working—one keeps you warm inside the cab and the other removes fog from the windows so you can see clearly. To test the system, go to an open area like your driveway, get inside the vehicle, close all the doors and windows, turn it on, then run the heater and defroster for a few minutes. If your heating system isn’t working well, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Inspect the tires

Many vehicle owners stick with the same four all-season tires all year long. Make sure to measure the pressure of each tire and inflate them to the manufacturer’s specifications. Then, take a close look at the condition of your tires and how much tread is left. They should be free of cracks, cuts and other types of damage, and generally not worn down. Another option is to invest in a set of quality snow tires. Have them put on in the winter and taken off when spring returns.

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