Five Important Reasons to Check Your Wheel Alignment Before Winter

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It’s important to get your car checked before winter, especially the wheel alignment. Wheel alignments (or tire alignments) can help your vehicle’s tires perform optimally and last longer. Regular alignments can also improve overall handling.

A typical wheel alignment adjusts the vehicle’s suspension, which is the system connecting an automobile to its wheels. It’s important to note that this is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves—these are separate services. When it’s time for a wheel alignment, take it to a shop with the right equipment to properly adjust the positioning of the tires.

Don’t skip seasonal checks and winter alignments in New Palestine, IN—your vehicle’s condition and function depend on it! Here are the top five reasons to check your wheel alignment before winter:

  • Noticing the signs: Regardless of the season, there are a few ways you can tell your car needs an alignment. The signs include uneven tread wear, squealing tires, the vehicle pulling to the right or left and a vibrating steering wheel. An off-centered steering wheel when driving straight is another common indicator. Sometimes, a dashboard indicator light or two will pop on.
  • Wear and tear: Poor wheel alignment causes premature wear and tear on the driving system’s components. When your alignment is out of whack, the tires and suspension components may begin to fail, and you will feel your car driving a bit rougher than usual. You need proper wheel alignment so the suspension system can effectively support the weight of your car. Other hardworking car parts are also credited for helping to distribute the stress of driving more evenly.
  • Efficiency: Not only is it safer to drive on properly aligned tires, but it’s also more economical. If your wheels are not in alignment, your vehicle has no choice but to work harder in order to move and handle correctly. This means higher fuel consumption and inadequate steering. In other words, you will spend more money more often at the pump, and your car will likely pull to one side instead of traveling in a straight line.
  • Safer driving: Taking the time to schedule a wheel alignment in winter will help ensure your safety through all sorts of seasonal weather. Wheel alignments keep your wheels in sync with the specifications of the car so it can perform well. You might also consider switching to winter tires and shocks in New Palestine, IN as an added safety precaution.
  • Fewer repairs: The number of auto repairs you might need during or after the winter months is related to the wear and tear you put on your vehicle. As you already know, a poorly aligned car will likely have issues down the road (and often at the most inconvenient time). You might find you need to replace the tires more often or repair other parts affected by misaligned wheels and suspension. The simplest way to avoid issues is to take your car in for an inspection early.

Routine vehicle maintenance is the key to keeping your car in good working order. Call Auto Air & Heating, Inc. today for more information about winter alignments in New Palestine, IN!

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