How to Make Sure Your Car’s AC Is Ready for Summer

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Even though winter is still in full swing, spring and summer will be here before you know it. When things start heating up, it’s important that your car stays cool and comfortable with a properly-functioning air conditioning system. Unfortunately, there are lots of common AC issues that can make it difficult to adjust the temperature in your vehicle, and these can lead to uncomfortable driving conditions for you and your passengers. Read on to find out more about auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN and how to get your AC ready for the summer months.

Common issues with AC systems

There are lots of different issues that can cause AC system malfunctions. Regardless of the source of the problem with your car’s AC, there are a few common signs to look out for to identify an AC issue:

  • Odd sounds: One of the most common signs of issues with AC systems is a grinding or grating sound that occurs when turning on the AC. These sounds often indicate an issue with your fans, motor or condenser unit. To find out what the source of the problem is, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for an inspection.
  • Leaks inside the car: If you notice moisture and water spots inside your car, it’s likely your AC system is leaking refrigerant. There might be a faulty connection or a damaged hose that’s allowing moisture to enter your vehicle’s cabin.
  • Low airflow: If your AC is working but it isn’t producing very much air, even when you turn the fan up, there’s probably something wrong with your motor or fan. Replacing or repairing these components will get your system working again and increase the power of the airflow in your car.
  • No cool air: If air is coming from your system, but it isn’t cool, there’s likely an issue with your condenser. It’s possible that you are low on refrigerant or that there’s a bigger problem with the condition of your condenser. Regardless of the source of the issue, a technician will be able to inspect your AC and recommend the appropriate services to get it working again.

Get your AC ready for the summer

The best way to get your car’s AC ready for the summer is to bring your vehicle to an auto AC repair shop in New Palestine, IN. A technician will inspect your system to find out if there are problems with any of the system’s parts and components. In addition, a technician can provide maintenance, repair and part replacement services to get your AC working again.

Auto AC repair shop in New Palestine, IN

For help with auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN, reach out to Auto Air & Heating, Inc. We are an auto repair shop with decades of experience providing high-quality automotive repair, maintenance and part replacement services. No matter what your specific needs may be, our team is here to provide you with expert auto maintenance services that you can trust. To find out more about everything we have to offer, simply give us a call or stop by our shop today.

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