Brakes Wearing Unevenly? Here’s Why!

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A proper braking system is one of the key components of every vehicle, and the brake pads are an essential part of the brake system itself. Brake pads are located within the calipers and work by pressing against the disc brake rotors to create the friction needed to stop the car.

Brake pads wear down over time due to all of that friction and will eventually need to be replaced, but there are also circumstances in which one or two pads wear down unevenly, leading to braking issues and disrupting your car’s regular brake maintenance schedule. Why do brakes wear unevenly in New Palestine, IN? Keep reading to learn more!

Rotor thickness variation

Whenever there is a discrepancy in the thickness levels of each rotor, your brake pads are going to run into trouble. If one rotor is thicker than others, that brake pad will wear down faster. Since this issue stems from the rotor, it’s crucial that you bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for all of your brake needs. A qualified mechanic will identify the correct rotor for your vehicle and get it installed properly.

Dirty rotors

Oil, dirt and other contaminants can make your rotors quite dirty as you’re driving down the road. Though you can’t do anything to clean up the asphalt, you can prevent buildup by applying an anti-rust coating over the rotors and cleaning your rotors with a disc brake cleaner. Save yourself the hassle of doing this alone by bringing your car to a qualified mechanic once every few months for brake service.

Warped rotors

There are a few different ways in which rotors can become warped, but the most common is when hot brakes come in contact with cold water. When the rotor becomes warped, it’ll start wearing the pad down quicker than other corners of the vehicle. Prevent warping as best you can by never washing your car with cold water immediately after it’s been driven.


Another top cause of brakes wearing unevenly in New Palestine, IN stems from shoddy mechanical work. If your mechanic doesn’t properly align your brake pads during installation, you may notice a pulling sensation while braking. Bring your car to our mechanics at Auto Air & Heating, Inc. if that’s the case. We’ll set your car straight in no time!

Different types of brake pads

Just like with tires, brake pads are made by a bunch of different manufacturers. Using different brands for different brakes could lead to uneven wear, as not all pads are created equal. Be sure your mechanic installs the same brand of brake pad each time you get them changed, and you shouldn’t have to worry about this issue.

Now that you know why brakes wear unevenly in New Palestine, IN, it’s time to do something about it! Stop by Auto Air & Heating, Inc. to have an inspection or to get your brakes replaced. We offer a wide range of brake services for both foreign and domestic vehicles. Reach out to schedule service or learn more about what we can do for you.

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