What Are Some Common Issues with Auto AC?

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Though it’s not necessarily essential to your vehicle’s overall functionality, auto air conditioning is a modern comfort that no driver should be without. Proper maintenance and care help ensure that your AC keeps you nice and cool while you’re on the road, but AC problems can still occur that make driving miserable. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common car AC issues in New Palestine, IN:

  • Leaking refrigerant: One of the most common reasons that auto ACs don’t work is a leak somewhere in the system. Refrigerant leaks can occur anywhere, but they’re most likely to occur around the hose connections. Your trained auto mechanic should be able to find the source of the problem and stop the leak from happening once and for all.
  • Bad compressor: The compressor is responsible for keeping the refrigerant circulating through the system, so you always have a cold stream of air coming through the vents. So, if the compressor shuts down, you’ll only receive hot air. Compressors most often break when the AC hasn’t been used in a while, so we recommend blasting your AC once every few weeks in the winter to keep the system up and running.
  • Blocked condenser: The AC condenser is located between your car’s grill and the radiator. The condenser is responsible for re-cooling hot refrigerant after it’s compressed, so it’s a vital component of the system. Any blockage can prevent the condenser from cooling the refrigerant, which means your vents will just put out hot air. Since the condenser is located by the grill, you should be able to see and remove any debris.
  • Broken condenser: If there’s no debris by the condenser, but the air coming from the vent is still warm, the condenser may be shot. Unless you have automotive training, this is a job best left for the professionals. If the problem is caught early, your auto mechanic may be able to repair the condenser. Otherwise, replacement will be necessary.
  • Electrical issues: Out of all the common issues with auto AC in New Palestine, IN, electrical problems are the most difficult to diagnose. Though it’s certainly not a long-term solution, you can wrap any frayed wires with electrical tape to keep your unit working for a little bit. If you can’t spot any wires that are visibly frayed, you’ll need to bring your car to a mechanic to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Get your AC tuned up before summertime!

Midwest summers can be scorching hot and unbearably humid, which is why you need to handle these common car AC issues in New Palestine, IN sooner rather than later! Though driving with the windows down may be a short-term solution, you’ll be begging to have your AC working by the middle of June. Bring your car in today, before it gets too hot out, to ensure your AC is ready to handle the summer heat.

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