When Is It Time to Get an Alignment?

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Wheel alignment is a routine maintenance service that’s intended to improve safety, efficiency and maneuverability on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t get regular wheel alignments and, as a result, experience numerous issues while driving. The good news is that wheel alignment doesn’t have to be a hassle. By following some basic maintenance guidelines, you can optimize your car’s performance and handling. So, when is it time to get an alignment in New Palestine, IN? Keep reading to find out.

What is an alignment?

When cars are manufactured, the wheels are all aligned at the proper angles to maximize maneuverability and ensure safety on the road. As vehicles are driven, these angles gradually shift with regular wear and tear. During a wheel alignment, mechanics adjust these angles and restore them to the manufacturer’s specifications. These changes are made to a vehicle’s suspension system, so the car has to be put on lifts during the alignment. In most cases, it takes about an hour to complete a standard alignment on a car.

The importance of alignments

There are several benefits of getting regular alignments. One of the biggest benefits of routine alignments is improved performance and reduced wear and tear on car parts. Investing in regular alignments can save you money on part replacement or repairs over time. In addition, getting an alignment can also improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by restoring the factory suspension standards.

Another benefit of alignments is that they improve overall maneuverability and comfort on the road. After an alignment, drivers experience less drifting, easier handling and smoother rides.

How do I know if I need an alignment in New Palestine, IN

So, when is it time to get an alignment in New Palestine, IN? Here are some signs to look for:

  • Drifting to one side while driving: Drifting is the most common sign of alignment issues. If your car drifts to one side while you’re driving, there’s likely something wrong with the angles of your suspension. Get an alignment as soon as possible to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and minimize uneven tire wear.
  • Inconsistent tread wear: Another common sign that it’s time for an alignment is visibly inconsistent tread wear. If the tires on your vehicle are worn unevenly, with some tires having much more tread remaining than others, it’s probably time for an alignment. Technicians can also rotate your tires to disperse wear more evenly.
  • Vibrations while steering: A vibrating steering wheel is an issue that drivers shouldn’t ignore. Vibrations often happen before major damage or part failure, so bring your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible to keep your maintenance and repair needs to a minimum.

Vehicle alignment services in New Palestine, IN

If you need an alignment for your vehicle, or you have other maintenance needs, bring your car to the experts at Auto Air & Heating, Inc. Our team of trained technicians specializes in preventative maintenance to keep vehicles of all makes, models and years operating as effectively, efficiently and safely as possible. Find out more about our services and schedule an appointment with our team by giving us a call today.

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