Is It Time for Drum Brake Service?

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How do you know if your drum brakes are bad? It’s essential to know the answer to this question so you can keep your vehicle safe and avoid being a danger on the road in New Palestine, IN. Drum brakes give signs that they require service, and when you detect them, it is time to make an appointment at our shop. Here are four signs indicating that the answer to the question, “When do brake drums need replacing?” is “now”:

  • Rough brake pedal feel: Drum brake systems use wheel cylinders to push brake shoes to a brake drum to slow the vehicle. When these shoes and brakes start to wear out, you will feel it in the brake pedal. Normally, this involves vibrations and a bit of a rough feel, like your brakes are made of sand paper. This is the first and earliest symptom, and indicates that you need to make a brake appointment soon. If you can address this problem with the earliest symptoms, you will pay less for repairs.
  • Scraping noises: Excessive wear and tear will not be limited to feel—there will also be sounds. Scraping and scratching noises are common as brake shoes wear out. As this continues until metal-on-metal scraping starts to occur, the scraping and scratching may be replaced with a high-pitched whining. If you wait too long, you will have to replace the brakes as well as the shoes. You want to address this soon after you notice symptoms because not only is this a safety issue, but it can become a budget issue, too. It is much cheaper to replace pads than entire brake parts.
  • Parking brake issues: When brake drums wear out, you will also experience signs in the parking brake. It may feel loose, or your car may slip a few inches after you engage it. This can also be a sign of a bad brake cable, but if you are experiencing this with other brake symptoms, your drums may be to blame. The only option for your peace of mind may be to schedule a brake inspection and see what service is required to make everything work better again.
  • Slow stopping: If you wait too long, you will become a danger to yourself and others. As brakes wear out and cannot generate the required friction to stop your car, your stopping distances will lengthen and you may wonder if your car can stop at all. You may also experience your car stopping, but not doing so as quickly. A few seconds of delay can lead to an accident. It is definitely time for an appointment if you let the problem linger to this stage.

When do brake drums need replacing? If you face any of the signs above, it is time to make an appointment with a trusted mechanic in New Palestine, IN. Auto Air & Heating, Inc. offers brake services. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Brakes are nothing to mess around with, and our trusted services can make your car safe for the road again.

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