Yes, You Need a New Air Filter!

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When we perform oil changes and air conditioning service on vehicles, we also check the air filter. If it’s time to replace it, customers often inquire as to why a cabin filter is worth it, and may hesitate to pay this extra expense. This arises from drivers in New Palestine, IN not knowing what a cabin filter does in terms of air quality and performance. Here are five reasons why you need to stay on top of this maintenance:

  • Control allergies: Many of us spend these warmer months in misery. Seasonal allergies are no fun, and often get in the way of enjoying life outdoors. One function of the cabin air filter is to keep those allergens out of your car so you can have a brief respite as you take road trips or drive to errands. While you cannot avoid pollen completely, you can at least enjoy better air quality within your car.
  • Efficient operation: The air filter not only makes it easier for you to breathe—it also helps with your vehicle’s performance. All engines require air to run, and if that air is filtered, that helps engines run more efficiently. Dirt, pollen, leaves and debris can all interfere with your vehicle performing well. The air filter also allows for better fuel efficiency, since engines not burdened with extra debris do not need to demand as much fuel to accelerate to your expectations.
  • Better vehicle HVAC: Your engine requires clean air to run well, and so does your entire heating and cooling system. When your AC stops running cold or your defroster removes ice slowly, there is likely poor air circulation. Just like dirt and debris can make your engine work harder, they have the same effect on your HVAC. Sometimes, all you need for better cooling and heating is a new air filter. Changing it regularly also places less stress on your HVAC so you face expensive repairs less frequently.
  • Avoid odors: When you let your dirty air filter linger, you will notice the effects in how your car smells. A clean air filter prevents the musty odors that arise from excessive dirt and pollen. Sometimes, the odor goes from musty to downright stinky. This is not a good development if you drive for Uber or volunteer to pick up your boss’ boss from the airport. Avoid your car smelling funky entirely by staying current on your cabin air filter replacement.
  • Reduce noise: When it’s time to change your air filter, your air intake system will start whistling or making other sounds. This can be annoying on a long road trip, and for some drivers, it goes beyond annoying into alarming. You can control cabin noise by keeping your air filter clean.

Why is a cabin filter worth it? Auto Air & Heating, Inc. will happily explain to you why it most certainly is worth the expense! Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn firsthand what a cabin filter does in terms of vehicle air quality and performance in New Palestine, IN. You will like the results!

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