Are Drum Brakes as Good as Disc Brakes?

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When it comes to your car’s brakes, reliability and durability are key. For the highest level of safety, you want to choose the best option available. So, which types of brakes are best in New Palestine, IN? Let’s take a look at disc brakes vs. drum brakes to see if there is a clear choice for your vehicle.

Drum brakes

These brakes are made of a drum, pistons and brake shoes. When you step on the brake pedal, this forces the pistons into the shoes. The shoes then press the drum sides. These drums are rotating next to your vehicle’s wheels, so the pressure they put on the wheels when they are pressed causes friction that stops the wheels’ motion.

  • Drum brake pros: A major advantage of drum brakes is their cost. They are more economical than disc brakes. This savings reduces the overall price of a vehicle that features drum brakes, and makes the brakes less expensive to replace if necessary.
  • Drum brake cons: Due to their structure and function, drum brakes do not handle heat well. The repeated friction generates high levels of heat, which causes the brakes to fade over time. This style of brake is also less effective than disc brakes in moist conditions. Water often pools inside this style of brakes, which has a negative impact on their performance.

Disc brakes

This type of brake features two brake pads, a brake caliper and a metal rotor. The rotor spins with the wheel, and when you step on the brake pedal, this causes the caliper to squeeze the pads, which press on the rotor. This generates friction that stops the wheels’ motion.

  • Disc brake pros: This brake structure is better at handling heat than the drum brake style. As a result, disc brakes deliver more consistent braking, since they experience less fade due to repeated heat generation. Disc brakes also perform better in wet environments than drum brakes. The rotor repels the moisture, so the brakes can do better under wet conditions. Lastly, disc brakes are less likely to lock up if you have to do heavy braking, due to their simple operation.
  • Disc brake cons: The main drawback of disc brakes is their cost. They are more expensive than drum brakes, which increases the cost of the vehicle and the cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs. However, it is important to keep in mind that these brakes may last longer, which could even out the cost over time.

Which brakes are best in New Palestine, IN?

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