What Can Cause Bad Alignments?

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Drivers in New Palestine, IN would all agree the roads can get a bit rough. This often leads to drifting tires, which is no small issue. That’s why checking alignments and suspension systems should be part of every car owner’s maintenance routine. Find out below what could cause bad alignments and when it’s time to do something about it.

Bumps in the road

At some point, every driver will come across roadway hazards. Perhaps there’s an unavoidable pothole along your morning commute. Your go-to fast food joint might have a narrow drive-thru that makes you clip the curb every single time. Whatever it may be, little bumps in the road will slowly misalign your car’s tires.

It’s impossible to avoid such hazards forever. However, a heightened sense of awareness goes a long way to maintaining proper alignment. Pay attention to which lanes have potholes, and come to a gentle stop when the roads are slippery. Just remember that even the most careful drivers must check their alignment and suspension systems on a regular basis.

Old suspension parts

Everyday wear and tear could cause bad alignment over time. Vehicles don’t last forever, and with age comes required maintenance. Metal components in the car’s suspension will begin to warp and loosen once your vehicle reaches a certain mileage. Since tires are directly attached to the suspension, components that are out of place will make your car drift to one side.

The harsh winters of New Palestine, IN make it especially important to check your suspension every year. Poor alignments and suspension systems have cumulative effects that lead to uneven treads on the tires. This hinders your car’s ability to stop on a dime when roads are slick with ice. In the worst cases, bad car alignment could have deadly consequences.

Auto modifications

All the parts of a vehicle work together as one cohesive unit. The car’s body must be within a certain height in order for the suspension to properly function. Some car owners add modifications to their vehicle like lifting that could potentially misalign the tires. If you’ve considered modifying your vehicle’s height, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s regulations.

Warning signs to look for

Car owners should understand not only what could cause bad alignment but how to look for it. You don’t have to be an expert to identify a misaligned suspension. There are a few telltale signs that are easy to spot, like if your car has a tendency to drift to the left or right. In severe cases, you might even fight to keep the vehicle going straight. A shaky steering wheel and a vehicle that reliably drifts while in operation are obvious signs that will let you know right away when something’s wrong.

If you don’t remember your vehicle’s last alignment check, it’s probably time for a visit! Auto Air & Heating, Inc. is conveniently located in New Palestine, IN and serves all the surrounding areas. Our team of mechanics will troubleshoot any concerns you have about alignment and suspension systems. We’re equipped to solve any problem and get your vehicle back on the road. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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