Why Is My Car Pulling When I Brake?

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Brake problems aren’t uncommon with vehicles, which is troubling because the brake system is one of the most critical components of a car. One of the typical brake issues we deal with is drivers coming in saying they have problems with the car pulling to one side when they brake in New Palestine, IN.

There are several possible causes behind a car pulling to one side of the road while slowing down. For that reason, this issue needs to be diagnosed and resolved by a professional. This post will cover a few of the top reasons cars pull while braking:

  • Worn brake pads: You may already know that brake pads aren’t designed to last forever, only about 40,000 miles. Old brake pads typically exhibit a few signs that they’re getting worn out, and one of them is pulling. You may feel the car drifting to the side of the road if one pad is worn down more than the others. You can potentially replace brake pads yourself, but we advise having a mechanic do it for best results.
  • Warped rotors: Brake rotors can get worn down or warped due to hilly terrain, heavy towing or other driving situations that put extra stress on the braking system. As they begin to warp, you may notice vibration or your car turning when you brake in New Palestine, IN. Bring your car to a mechanic as soon as possible to resolve these issues.
  • Stuck caliper: A stuck caliper on one brake will make your car veer sharply to one side or the other when you apply the brake. In fact, you may notice this when you’re not even braking! Since this is a more severe drift, you’ll want to see a mechanic right away to replace the caliper or get it unstuck.
  • Collapsed or worn brake hose: Exposure to the elements and high heat from the vehicle can weaken brake hoses over time. When this happens, the calipers move unevenly and cause the car to turn when you brake in New Palestine, IN. Replacing the hose is not a DIY repair, so you’ll need to see a mechanic to fix it.

How can this all be avoided?

Almost all brake problems—including pulling—are avoidable by getting a routine inspection and tune-up. During a brake inspection, your mechanic will look at every component of your braking system, including the pads, calipers, hoses and more. If your mechanic notices anything out of the ordinary, they’ll be able to address it quickly before you start having trouble on the road.

Additionally, a routine inspection is much more affordable than getting an emergency repair. You could save yourself hundreds of dollars by just bringing your vehicle to a mechanic a couple times a year for a checkup!

Let our pros take a look at your brakes!

For the best brake repair and service at the most competitive rates, come see our team at Auto Air & Heating, Inc. After a quick inspection, we’ll be able to diagnose and correct a car that’s pulling to one side when you brake in New Palestine, IN.

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