Why Your Car Pulls to the Right When You Brake

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At Auto Air & Heating, Inc., we frequently hear “car pulling when I brake” among our customers’ concerns. While cars pulling to one side are often associated with alignment issues, this is often a brake issue, but it can also arise from other systems that are essential for maintaining your car. If you notice this problem, it is good to see a mechanic and check your brakes, tires, alignment and steering. Here are five reasons a car pulls when braking in New Palestine, IN:

  • Uneven braking force: Normally, when you hit the brakes, your car stops in a straight line. However, this is no longer the case if the braking force at each front tire is uneven. There are no circumstances in which this is normal, and the issue may arise from wear and tear or serious mechanical problems.
  • Damaged brake pads: Your brake pads wear evenly, which is why you can replace them all at once. However, if a brake pad on one wheel is defective or a mechanic installed low-quality brake pads on all wheels, they may crack during hard use. Eventually, this process wears out your brake pads or shrinks them, reducing braking performance at that wheel. Damaged brake pads also trap debris, and that will diminish braking capacity. The only solution is to replace your brake pads before you start wearing out the disc brakes.
  • Brake caliper problems: If you stay current on car maintenance, your brake calipers remain clean and function well. But if you put off needed maintenance, the brake calipers will stick and fail to work as well as necessary. You must keep brake calipers properly cleaned and lubricated. If they start trapping dirt or getting jammed, you will not be able to rely on them.
  • Malfunctioning hydraulics: Pulling is also a sign of hydraulic system issues. The hydraulics in your brakes move fluids to transmit pressure between your brake pedal and the calipers. If a line breaches, fluid does not move, and hydraulics will not activate. This setback frequently results in a pull to one side when you apply the brakes. As you can likely understand, this is a serious problem and requires your mechanic’s immediate attention.
  • Other issues: Your car pulling to one side may also indicate other problems that have nothing to do with your brakes. Worn suspension or misalignment is a common diagnosis, as well as damage to the steering components. If you have not replaced your tires for a while, or if they wore out unevenly due to an alignment problem, that also creates a pulling sensation, as your car does not travel smoothly. The pull may also be a one-off issue related to lousy road terrain. A vehicle that pulls presents safety and control issues, and you should not hesitate to contact your auto repair shop.

Auto Air & Heating, Inc. offers brake service in New Palestine, IN. If your car pulls when braking, we can check it out and repair it before it becomes a safety issue. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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