Top Three Reasons Why the Tires Are the Most Important Part of Your Car

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Even if your car’s tires look like they’re nearing the end of their life, having them replaced is never a fun prospect. It might surprise you to know that tires are a very important part of your car. They’re the only part of your car that actually has physical contact with the ground, and their condition directly effects how safely and efficiently you’re able to operate your vehicle. If you’re a driver in New Palestine, IN and you’re hesitant about replacing your tires, read on to discover why quality tires are so crucial for everyday driving.

They help you drive safely

You put yourself, your passengers and even other drivers at risk if you’re driving on tires that need to be replaced. Tires are essential to a car’s movement—they help your vehicle grip the road, turn safely and stop in a hurry when necessary. If you’re driving on bald tires, your vehicle isn’t able to properly grip the road. As you might expect, this seriously compromises the safety of your car. Here are three things to check if you want to ensure your tires and cars operate safely:

  • Check the pressure monthly
  • Rotate your tires whenever you get an oil change
  • Do a monthly check for wear, cracks or blemishes on your tires
  • Pay close attention to how your car feels during every drive

They help you drive efficiently

If you notice that you’re filling up at the pump more often, it might surprise you that your tires could be reducing your gas mileage. Tires that are in excellent condition help keep your car rolling smoothly down the road. When you drive on tires that are unbalanced or are in poor condition, it makes your vehicle work harder—in other words, your tires could be compromising your car’s fuel efficiency. If you think you’re saving money by getting a few more months out of your tires, it could actually cost you more in the long run. Head to a reputable auto repair shop in New Palestine, IN to replace your tires.

They help your car perform at its best

Tires and your car’s performance are inextricably linked. You know best how your car performs and handles as you drive it. If you’re noticing a gradual change in the quality of the ride, like a vibrating or pulling feeling, it could be caused by the condition of your tires. Tires need to have good tread, be filled to proper pressure and be equally and properly balanced. Replacing your current set of tires with high quality tires instantly improves your car’s performance and makes driving more pleasurable.

If you’re a driver in New Palestine, IN, keeping every part of your car in great condition is part of being a responsible vehicle owner. Since tires are such an important part of your car, you shouldn’t hesitate to get an expert opinion if you think yours might be in need of replacement. Contact Auto Air & Heating, Inc. to get the job done and keep you rolling safely down the road for years to come.

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