Why You Should Invest in Snow Tires

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According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 116,800 people are injured and 1,300 people are killed each year in car crashes involving winter weather. One of the best ways to prevent those injuries, deaths and property damage is by adding some snow tires.

Continue reading to learn more reasons for getting snow tires and to see if snow tires are worth it:

  • Shorter stopping distance: A leading cause of wintertime accidents has to do with drivers not giving themselves enough space to come to a stop. They don’t account for the slick conditions, resulting in fender benders. Snow tires can reduce your stopping distance by 40 percent, drastically lowering the chance of an accident.
  • Advanced rubber compounds: At first thought, it seems like you’d want to avoid soft tires because they’d be less sturdy, but the opposite is true when it comes to snow tires. Winter tires are made of high-quality rubber that stays soft in freezing temperatures, resulting in better traction.
  • Narrower width: Many of us picture massive rubber tires when we think about snow tires, but, in reality, snow tires are actually narrower than tires used in other seasons. This narrow width increases the pressure the tires put on the road, reducing hydroplaning and safely guiding you down the road.
  • Grooves and sipes: A watery film is created when a tire presses down on a snowy or icy road. This water makes the tires slick, leading to slipping, sliding and car accidents. Snow tires combat this issue with grooves and sipes, which are small channels that move water to the side. With the water out of the way, the tires can keep in contact with the road.
  • Keep insurance premiums low: All insurance companies and policies are different; however, most auto insurance premiums go up after you have an accident. Since snow tires can help prevent accidents, they aid in keeping your premium as low as can be.
  • They can last for years: Some customers are hesitant to buy snow tires because they think they just need to toss them out in the spring—but that’s not the case if you take care of them! Store your tires in a dark, climate-controlled room once spring arrives. Keeping your tires protected during the warmer months can help you get a few years out of them.

Are snow tires worth it?

After reading about all the benefits of snow tires, the answer to this question should be pretty obvious. Yes: Snow tires are absolutely worth the cost. Because they’re so beneficial and can literally be the difference between life and death, it’s silly not to buy snow tires. Just be sure to buy a reputable set of tires instead of some cheap knockoffs.

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