How Often Should You Get an Oil Change?

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Car oil changes are a key component of ongoing vehicle maintenance. They are essential to keeping your car running smoothly and reliably. That means it is important to know when to get an oil change.

If you get car oil changes too often, you are wasting time and money; however, if you get car oil changes too infrequently, you run the risk of damaging your car. The right balance is crucial.

Use the following guidelines to know when to get an oil change on your vehicle.

Average oil life

On average, car oil changes are needed every 3,000 miles or every three to six months. After this time period, the oil typically begins to lose its lubrication value. You will need to replace the oil with fresh product so it can continue to effectively lubricate the parts of your vehicle’s engine.

Important factors

The frequency of car oil changes depends on a variety of factors. To determine when to get an oil change, ask yourself the following questions.

How often do I drive my car?

If you do not drive your car very often or very far, you may not need to get car oil changes as frequently as those who use their vehicle daily or have a long commute. On the flip side, if you put a lot of miles on your car every three months, you may need to schedule more frequent oil changes.

What is the age of my vehicle?

Newer vehicles often require fewer car oil changes than older vehicles. Consult with your local mechanic to determine the appropriate frequency of oil changes for your vehicle. The manufacturer’s manual is also a good source of information.

What quality of oil do I use?

If you use lower-grade oil, you probably need to get car oil changes more often. It might be worth the time and financial investment to use higher-quality oil so you can get fewer oil changes each year. Your mechanic can recommend the best options for your vehicle make and model.

What are my driving habits?

Do you tend to go easy on your vehicle, or do you drive it like a NASCAR pro? Do you sit in a lot of stop-and-go traffic? How you use your car affects the life of the oil, so keep your driving habits in mind as you schedule your car oil changes.

The best place for car oil changes

As you consider when to get an oil change, you should also determine where to take your vehicle for car oil changes. Only take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic who is licensed and insured and has an established reputation in the industry. Look for experience and a track record of success when choosing the professional to complete your car oil changes.

We know car oil changes

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