Common Symptoms of a Bad AC Condenser

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The car condenser is one of the most vital components of the AC system in your car. In most car models, it is installed in the front of the radiator, which makes it exposed to damage. Here is a list of the five most common signs indicating that your AC condenser is bad. 

Common Symptoms of a Bad Condenser

Here are the symptoms telling you that you probably need to repair your AC condenser: 

It does not blow cold air

If there is something wrong with your AC, the air will not be as cold as it should be. If you notice that your condenser is blowing lukewarm air, it is a good reason to diagnose your condenser for leaks, blockage and missing fins. 

There is a burning smell

If the components of the AC system in your car begin to overheat, they can start emitting a burning odor. Sometimes, overheating can become so bad that even the plastic and other components will begin to melt. If you notice a burning smell coming through the vents, you should keep your AC off until the necessary repairs are done. 

The refrigerant is leaking

One of the most common signs that your AC condenser is not functioning properly is leaks, especially refrigerant leaks. A symptom of a serious leak is a very low refrigerant level. If you have just filled up your refrigerant, and it is low soon after, it is definitely a sign of a leak. 

It is making loud or abnormal noises

When you switch on your AC, it should not make any loud noises. However, if you hear an extremely loud and abnormal noise, then it is one of the symptoms of a bad AC condenser in car. 

Overheating during idle

If the AC condenser in your car is not functioning properly, the system cannot circulate cooled refrigerant. As a result, the heat starts building up. In some cases, you may even see steam coming from the radiator, even though it is quite rare. 

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