Do I Really Need An Alignment?

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A minor misalignment, if left unresolved, can lead to repairs that can break your pockets. If you are asking, “Do I need an alignment?” chances are you probably do. A wheel alignment is also referred to as a tire alignment. When your vehicle was created, all wheel angles were aligned optimally. As you drive on roads that are imperfect, these angles can shift and cause the wheels to become misaligned. Read on to find out some of the signs to look out for that may indicate it is time for wheel alignment.

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Although you will need an actual inspection to confirm whether your vehicle needs an alignment, there are some things that will indicate your wheels are misaligned. Here are some signs its time for an alignment.

As you drive across various types of roads, those small cracks, bumps, and debris will slowly cause your tires to change and angle. If you run over large potholes or objects or even get into an accident, your suspension can get out of alignment, as well as other damage.

Your Car Pulls to the Right or Left

One of the easiest signs to pinpoint is when your vehicle pulls to a certain side while you are driving. It is normal for your car to pull slightly to the right or left, but if you find you have to constantly steer to keep straight, there is more than likely an issue with your alignment.

Steering Is Off Center

A steering wheel that is crooked is often an indicator that your vehicle is misaligned. Your steel wheel was created to be dead in the center. When you drive down a straight road, you should check to see where your steering wheel is aligned. A simple way to figure this out is to check if the logo in the middle is centered correctly.

Shaking in Car or Steering Wheel

During acceleration, your car or steering wheel should not be vibrating to the point you can feel it. If your car begins to shake while you are driving, this may indicate various issues, one of them being a wheel misalignment. A certified technician needs to diagnose the issue in order to determine if the cause of the shaking is something else or if it is a misalignment.

Quick Tire Wear

Tire wear is another great indicator that your vehicle has issues. Tire wear should always be spread evenly on the outside and inside. You can check yourself to try and identify any abnormal tire wear. Abnormal tire wear, like shaking, may signal various issues, one of them being wheel misalignment.

A certified technician will perform a wheel alignment, usually at no cost, during a diagnostic test. Your technician will also visually inspect your vehicle, steering systems, tire wear, and a test drive. If they use top-quality equipment, they can detect any affected wheel alignment angles. These measurements will then be compared with the ideal recommendations from your vehicle’s manufacturer. Once it has been approved by you, the technician will go ahead and re-align your wheels.

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