Preparing Your Car for the Winter

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When the weather starts to get colder, you want to be properly prepared. While making sure you have a good winter coat and enough salt for the sidewalks, you should not overlook preparing your car for the winter. The below tips for winterizing your car should help keep you safe when you are on the roads this winter.

5 Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

  1. Have Your Brakes Inspected: Your brakes are one of your car’s most essential safety systems. An inspection can tell you if your brakes can operate responsively in the harsher conditions winter can cause on the roads. Also, regular inspections during the winter can tell you how your brakes are handling the elements and if any maintenance or servicing is needed.
  2. Check Your Battery: The battery powers some of your car’s important systems. Often during the winter, the added stress of colder weather can cause weak batteries to finally fail. You should have your battery tested to ensure it is in good operating condition and won’t leave you stranded on a roadside in December. If your battery shows signs of weakening, replace it before the weather starts to cool.
  3. Check Your Tires: Before winter sets in, you’ll want to have your tires inspected. Look for any issues such as tread wear or damage that inform you they need replacing. Also, be sure to check the air levels. If you live in an area that gets heavy snow or you drive on snow often during the winter, you may want to consider getting winter tires for improved handling.
  4. Replace Your Automotive Fluids: The harsher winter weather can damage your automobile’s fluids. Having your brake fluid inspected and replaced if needed keeps your car driving safely on the roads. You’ll also want to replace your windshield wiper fluid with a blend designed for winter to prevent freezing.
  5. Have an Emergency Kit: When reviewing how to prep my car for the winter, don’t overlook having an emergency kit. A kit specifically packed for the colder parts of the year can help keep you safe in unexpected situations. Your winter emergency kit should include gloves, boots, a shovel, an ice scraper, and sand or kitty litter to help you drive on ice when traction is needed.

Final Thoughts

Driving during the winter can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t be a danger. By making proper preparations, you should not have to be concerned. By having your car inspected, getting any needed tune-ups, and being prepared for emergencies, you can be ready for what the winter brings.

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