Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Car’s Oil Change Warning Light

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Even with increased sophistication in vehicles, motor engine oil remains the lifeblood of your car, and taking care of this liquid is vital. Luckily, caring for motor oil is a simple task — and your vehicle’s onboard computer can assist. 

Most modern vehicles have an in-built service that gives not only a low oil warning but also signals when you need to change your car’s oil. Nonetheless, checking your vehicle’s oil yourself every other fill-up is crucial. This may appear inessential, but it is important, to check for anything else that might cause problems, such as loose parts or a worn belt.

Why is my car overheating? 

Motor oil assists in controlling the temperature of your vehicle’s engine by reducing friction. Thus, if your vehicle is low on oil, probably as a result of a leak, it can get overheated.

Motor oil lubricates the engine’s internal components and ensures their smooth movement. Lack of a lubricant cause friction, generating excessive heat that may cause engine failure. 

The benefits of getting regular oil changes

Changing a car’s engine oil is a relatively simple and quick process, yet many drivers ignore doing it, thinking that it is an unnecessary engine maintenance routine. The following are some reasons why you need to change your engine oil regularly.

  • Better engine performance: Regular change of oil not only ensures a clean engine but also improves its efficiency. Motor oil normally carries debris, dirt, and other particles as it flows in the engine. As a result, the sludge builds up inside the engine over time. Failure to change the oil regularly may cause a significant drop in engine efficiency due to the accumulated sludge. 
  • Reduce harmful emissions: Failure to change your vehicle’s engine oil regularly leads to dirty oil, which produces harmful engine emissions. Changing oil regularly, makes your vehicle more eco-friendly, as fresh oil does not burn like dirty, old oil. 
  • Extended engine life: Would you love to have your car last for years? Certainly yes! Buying a high-quality vehicle is only part of getting the most out of your vehicle. A dirt-free engine, achieved by regular motor oil changes, makes a significant difference in your car’s life. 
  • Gas mileage: Better gas mileage is the least-known advantage of changing your vehicle’s oil regularly. Besides acquiring an electric or hybrid car, an oil change is a simple way to minimize fuel consumption. Friction from old oil slows down the engine, necessitating more visits to the pump. 
  • Cools engine components: When a vehicle’s engine is running, its components produce large amounts of heat. Fresh oil ensures proper lubrication, minimizing friction and subsequently preventing overheating of the engine parts.

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