Do I Need Winter Tires?

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Having the appropriate tires on your vehicle can reduce the likelihood of accidents, especially during certain seasons. Thus, the question of whether you need winter tires might arise as you decide which ones are most suitable for your vehicle. These are the answers to some common questions about winter tires and which consumers should invest in them. 

What are winter tires?

Winter tires are special products designed to handle ice and snow specifically. They stay soft in temperatures below 45 degrees, and their tread is spaced out much more than other types of tires. Some are even spiked or studded.

How are winter tires different from all-season tires?

All-season tires are uniquely designed to handle summer and winter conditions. They can perform well in dry or wet conditions. However, these tires do not possess the same level of protection or share the same characteristics snow tires have.

One aspect of all-season tires is that their thread stiffens as temperatures drop. Snow tires become more flexible when temperatures drop, allowing easier vehicle maneuvering in challenging situations. 

Should I get winter tires?

When deciding whether to get winter tires, you must consider your climate and how the weather acts each year. Purchasing snow tires is a good idea if your area rarely reaches temperatures below 45 degrees.

You will also need tires if snow and ice form in your area frequently. If you live in a temperamental area, you may need to use both types of tires. You can change tires in the summer months and then have someone re-install your snow tires as the temperatures drop into the colder numbers. 

All-season tires are more suitable in climates that remain mild and don’t go to one extreme or the other. Thus, you won’t need to invest in winter tires if the place you live never reaches temperatures below 45 degrees and you hardly see snow or ice. A high-quality set of all-seasoned tires will be just fine in this case. 

How much is a winter tire installation? 

Tire installations typically don’t cost a lot of money. The tires themselves may be costly, however. You’ll want to purchase high-quality snow tires and maximize your vehicle’s performance during dangerous times of the year.

A quality tire shop comes in handy when it’s time to install winter tires. An experienced tire expert can discuss your budget, vehicle type, and weather situation and then help you choose the most effective tires for your needs. Skilled tire techs can then assist you by installing your tires with the highest level of care. 

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