5 Vehicle Noises You Should Never Ignore

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Caring for your car doesn’t mean you need to know how to repair it on your own. However, it does mean that you must know when to get it to the mechanic to keep it running and running well — especially when it comes to emergencies, like sudden and unexpected noises.

Luckily, cars make some sounds that are easy to recognize. So keep reading to learn about common serious car noises to pay attention to and get checked out right away.

5 Car Noises To Never Ignore

Believe it or not, some people believe that cars just make noise. They think that sounds are just part of an automobile’s natural wear and tear. 

The truth is that car sounds could mean serious car issues. Here are five noises that mean you need to get your car to the garage:

  1. Knocking: This sound would be similar to what it sounds like when someone is knocking on the door. This sound often comes from underneath the hood of the car, indicating that there could be something wrong with the engine. If your engine isn’t working right, you’ll have a usable car, so check it out immediately.
  2. Squealing (not with braking): When you hear a piercing, continuous sound, you could have a problem with one of your car’s belts. These belts keep the alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioner compressor running smoothly. These are essential components in your car’s performance, so it could cause significant problems if you ignore them.
  3. Hissing: The noise of a car hissing can sound like steam or hot air pushing through a small opening. When you hear this sound, you probably have a leak somewhere. It could be from your cooling or vacuum system, or even a leak in your tire if you hear it outside your vehicle.
  4. Squealing and/or Grinding Brakes: You already know the noise is coming from your brakes, but what do they mean? Brakes wear down over time, and the grinding sound could indicate that they need to be changed. The squealing could be coming from metal moving against metal, meaning that you might not be able to brake quickly or effectively.
  5. Rattling or Rumbling Underneath the Car: Pay attention to the rattles or rumbles you hear and what you’re doing when you hear them. You could have a problem with your exhaust system, including the catalytic converter, a bad muffler, or holes in the pipes of your exhaust system.

No matter what noise you hear in your car, it’s always a good idea to check with your mechanic. They’ll often have an idea about the cause of the sound and can tell you whether you’ll have to bring it in for service.

Bonus Tip for Car Noise Problems

One of the hardest things to accurately do is communicate the exact sound that your car is making. This is because many descriptive words can be used, including bangs, buzzing, chirping, flapping, howling, popping, roaring, whining, and more, to all describe similar issues.

If you struggle to describe a sound to your mechanic, you can find various tools like this glossary that can help. With the right descriptions and experience, you should have no problem helping your mechanic to know precisely what problem you’re hearing from your car.

Unusual Car Noises Are a Warning To Get to a Mechanic

When you hear a noise that isn’t common for your vehicle, call your mechanic right away. If you’re looking for the best service and repairs in New Palestine, IN, the only place to go is Auto Air and Heating Repair. No matter the noise or problem, they’re ready to quickly and safely get you back on the road.


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