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Why Are Summer Months Harder on Your Vehicle’s AC?

July 19, 2017 2:42 pm | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Extreme weather conditions are known to be tough on vehicles. While people may associate the throttle-choking cold and chassis-destroying salts of winter to be toughest on their car, they may be surprised to learn that the summer months can also take a toll on their automobiles. Auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN may be necessary to keep your car running cool throughout the remainder of the season. Air conditioning damage In many cases, air conditioning in your car can be an actual necessity. Travelling without it can result in heat stroke, extreme discomfort and distracted driving. It is important to understand how warm summer months affect your vehicle’s air conditioning unit so that you are prepared to maintain it... View Article

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition with General Maintenance in New Palestine, IN

July 4, 2017 2:36 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Everyone knows that vehicles require regular maintenance and service to keep them running smoothly. It is imperative that vehicle owners understand the specific maintenance needs of their car so that they can take care of all necessary service. By carefully following your vehicle’s service recommendations and taking your car in for regular inspections and maintenance services, you can feel confident that your vehicle is safe while you are on the road. Investing in general maintenance in New Palestine, IN allows you to save money on costly repairs and can spare you the hassle of dealing with major issues: Check your fluids: Fluids such as antifreeze, power steering and coolant are essential to the proper functioning of your vehicle. Depending on... View Article

Add Freon to Your Vehicle with Help from a Mechanic in New Palestine, IN

June 20, 2017 2:36 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

As the summer forecast keeps heating up, take the proper steps to keep your ride cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. In order to maintain the efficiency and function of your air conditioning system, you will need to add Freon to your vehicle. Freon is a cooling agent that is essential for the operation of the air conditioning units in most vehicles. You can pick up Freon at most automotive shops and stores that carry maintenance materials and, with the proper knowledge, you can even add Freon to your vehicle on your own. If you need help with the maintenance of your air conditioning system, you can always get help from a mechanic in New Palestine, IN... View Article

Bring Your Car in for Auto Repair in New Palestine, IN After an Accident

June 12, 2017 6:27 pm | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Accidents, particularly fender benders, happen all of the time out on the road. We always hope that nobody is seriously injured from the accident, and that the resulting damage isn’t too bad. But regardless of how serious the damage looks after the accident, it’s important to bring your car in for repair as quickly as possible. Here are a few of the reasons we recommend bringing your vehicle in to our shop immediately after you have an accident: Damage looks bad: First and foremost, a damaged vehicle just looks bad. The last thing you want is a bad-looking car when you’re driving down the road! In addition, situations arise where you may need to sell your car quickly for one... View Article

Four Signs That You Need Auto AC Repair in New Palestine, IN

June 12, 2017 6:20 pm | Published by | Leave your thoughts

The sun is finally starting to come out again, and that can only mean summer is right around the corner! While many will agree that summer is a much better season than winter, the summer heat can be uncomfortable and even deadly. This is especially true if your vehicle doesn’t have a properly functioning air conditioner. Thankfully, there are signs that your vehicle’s AC is about to bite the dust. Auto AC repair in New Palestine, IN will be both cheaper and easier to take care of if you bring your vehicle in as soon as you notice any of the following signs: Weak or no airflow: The number one sign that your air conditioner needs to be fixed is... View Article